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Rishon LeZion

During December, 2018, A.R.T. began an intergenerational arts program to benefit Ethiopian, Moroccan, Yemeni and Russian Jewish refugees/immigrants who have resettled in Israel in partnership with Bakehila. Together with Bakehila, A.R.T. has organized regularly scheduled sessions during which community experts will lead workshops for children and youth in their art forms.   




The horrific war in Syria has displaced over 4.7 million Syrians from their country.  Currently, there are over 650,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan.  A.R.T. has implemented a new program in Amman, Jordan working with these refugees.  We are partnering with Bareeq Education and Development, a local NGO.  The program is housed in Bareeq's community center in Amman, Jordan serving over 150 refugee children. 



During the fall of 2014, A.R.T. implemented an intergenerational arts program for African refugees in Cairo, Egypt in partnership with St. Andrew's Refugee Services, StARS. This program serves refugees from Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia. Adult members of the refugee community are teaching various traditional art forms to the children with classes in beading, percussion and workshops in pottery and textile printing. The program became self-sustained in 2016.


Mae Hong Son Province

“Since the classes started, it has given me energy. The young people are excited about learning. They are eager to participate in these classes.”—Tamo, a Karenni elder and an instructor of Eyro traditional song in A.R.T.'s pilot project at Ban Kwai Refugee Camp, in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.

In 2003, in partnership with the IRC, A.R.T.’s pilot program selected and trained adults in two Burmese refugee camps in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand, to teach traditional Burmese dances, songs, folklore and music.  A.R.T.’s staff and the elder refugees worked side by side with over 600 youth teaching them to make and play traditional Burmese musical instruments. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from the refugee community, the IRC integrated these activities into its existing programs, and provided the costumes and materials for the musical instruments. A.R.T. returned to the camps in January and February 2004 to expand its program which continues to operate today.  The program is now run exclusively by the refugees and has become self-sustainable.


In 2004, A.R.T. began working in Colombia.  Currently, Colombia is undergoing the largest humanitarian catastrophe in the Western Hemisphere and has the world's second largest internal refugee population. Armed conflict has created displacement throughout Colombia where over four and a half million of its forty-five million inhabitants have become refugees.

For its first program in Colombia, A.R.T. worked with the internally displaced in barrio Tintalito, localidad de Kennedy, Bogotá, Colombia; a refugee community with over 180,000 community members.  In partnership with the Universidad de los Andes, Red de la Solidaridad (Colombia¹s governmental organization responsible for providing food, clothing, medical assistance and other programs for the Country’s displaced population) and Fundación Educacional Nuevo Retiro, A.R.T. implemented a traditional arts program in August 2005.  The University guided students from the Anthropology, Psychology, Literature and Fine Arts departments to help A.R.T. to institute and then administer and evaluate the program; the students earned academic credit for this work.  The program became self-sufficient in June 2008.

Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia
In April 2007, A.R.T. expanded into Carmen de Viboral, in Antioquia province, a rural community outside Medellin, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration, IOM. The following year, A.R.T.’s partners included the local Casa de la Cultura and the Mayor’s Office of El Carmen de Viboral.  The program helps to revive the native ancient art of the creation, production and decoration of ceramics.  In an area with one of Colombia’s highest rates of child soldiers, this after-school program keeps children off the streets and helps keep them from joining or being pressed into service by guerillas, paramilitary or drug lords. A.R.T.’s program in El Carmen serves over 250 children. In 2012, the program became self-sufficient.

El Porvenir, Antioquia
In August 2011, in partnership with the Casa de la Cultura, the mayors office and Fundacion Corona, A.R.T. implemented a new program in the displaced and rural community of El Porvenir. The program, working with 75 children ages 6-18 and 40 adults who are part of this area’s displaced communities, focuses on the techniques of ceramic handicrafts, and is similar to our program in El Carmen de Viboral. This community, also located in Antioqua and near to El Carmen de Viboral, has no electricity or paved roads.  The program became self-sustained in 2012.


In 2007, A.R.T. held workshops in various cultural activities in New Haven, Connecticut in partnership with Yale University and Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services. Resettled refugees from countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Guinea, Somalia and Sudan participated. The program brought together school-age children and their families to share their own traditions with members of other ethnic groups, in an effort to break down some of the mistrust that has arisen in this very tightly packed and diverse, but impoverished, community. The program was funded by the Whitehead Foundation and the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation and was used as our pilot US program. The last workshop was held December, 2007; A.R.T. has closed this program.

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