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A.R.T. helps rebuild individual and community identity for refugees worldwide. Drawing upon the indigenous art forms of each community, A.R.T.'s programs are designed to enable the elders of a culture to educate and incorporate the younger generation in their cultural traditions. By developing self-sustaining curricula and training programs, A.R.T. engages children and adults in visual, performing and creative arts drawn from their own cultures.


A.R.T. is excited to announce TWO new programs for 2020, one in Colombia and one in Greece.  This winter, A.R.T. will return to Colombia to implement a new program in Punta Canoa, Cartagena, where we will be working with Fundacion Education Nuevo Retiro, FENUR.  A.R.T. will work with FENUR to help implement an English language program for community members, including children and Venezuelan refugees, in a marginalized community of Cartagena.  The objective is to provide employment opportunities to these community members, using their knowledge of English, to provide jobs in the hotel and tourism industry while strengthening their community ties through their cultural traditions.  This spring,  A.R.T. will travel to Athens, Greece to implement a new program in partnership with Hestia Hellas, where we will incorporate A.R.T.’s curriculum into Hestia Hellas’ existing programs.

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